Holidaying In Sydney

Sydney is the city of possibilities when it comes to enjoying a good time. If you want to spend a holiday in Sydney, better get prepared ahead. There is so much to see and do in Sydney, that the city deserves a bucket list of its own.

So what to expect when having a holiday in Sydney? Well, lots of fun.

Your first stop should be in Sydney Harbour

So, this is where most of the magic happens in the city of Sydney. Sydney Harbour houses some of the most iconic buildings and spots, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Circular Quay Harbour. 

What to expect to see here? Most iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches, amazing natural gardens and excellent Aussie cuisine.

The harbour in Sydney is amazing, making it a high starting point if you want to explore the local vibes. It probably is the most spectacular harbour in the world.

However, Sydney Harbour is also the best place to jump on a Sydney cruise ship and enjoy the beautiful coastal city from afar.

Bondi Beach

Harbourside Wharf

Jump on a Sightseeing Cruise in Sydney

Sightseeing cruises are top-rated in Sydney because exploring the city boat takes you to a whole new different level of travel and adventure. Expect the most spectacular!

The 150 miles of shorelines around Sydney Harbour have hidden jams that you can only reach by boat. 

Unexplored natural beaches, wildlife, unspoiled spots only known by a few locals.

So, opting for a Sydney sightseeing cruise should be on top of your to do’s list, if you plan to enjoy your holidays or vacation in Sydney. 

What else to expect when planning a vacation in Sydney? Great weather, welcoming people, good vibes and breathtaking views.

If you also want premium boat hire services to top everything off, we are more than happy to help.

Sydney Boats


New Years Eve Boat Hire

New year’s eve is a big deal for some people and the others; it’s just an ordinary day which passed and a regular night. However, for the people who are crazy about celebrating new year’s eve, it is always a good idea to hire a boat in Sydney harbour for new year’s eve!

You can throw a party on the vessel or yacht or take your partner on a romantic cruise. Celebrating new year’s eve with your lover is the best way to enjoy New Year’s Eve. You can even call your closest friends or family only. It will never be a bad idea to arrange a charter for such a special day/night.

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But, what do you do once you have hired a boat. Sure, you can take a cruise along the Sydney harbour, but that is too plain, and that idea is the only idea that pops into everyone’s head. What else can you do to make the New Year’s Eve more special? Here are a few activities you can do with your partner:

  • Watch the fireworks. Who doesn’t like to watch fireworks? Especially while being on a vessel with the love of your life. You can have sofas set up on a corner of the boat while sipping some champagne.
  • Kiss your partner at midnight. It’s an old tradition and a little cheesy as well for some couples. However, many superstitious people believe that kissing at precisely midnight means that the couple blessed with more love in the coming twelve months.
  • Play a romantic song and dance on new year’s eve. With fireworks decorating the sky and the soft music playing, it’s always nice to use that opportunity to dance with the love of your life. Even if you don’t know how to dance or can’t hear the music, sway side by side while holding your partner’s hand.
  • Test a new cuisine. You can hire a chef on the boat to cook for you and your partner. Make a pact with your partner to try new dishes every new year’s eve or on every special occasion. Get creative, and soon you’ll have a go-to New-Year’s only thing which will make you reminisce memories.
  • Take pictures and videos with your partner and make a time capsule with them. Gather up all the memories you have created with your partner, whether they’re happy or sad, good or bad. Looking back at memories makes both of you realise how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. Every new year’s eve, you can look back on that time capsule and celebrate how far you’ve come. You can make it a tradition to hire a boat in Sydney Harbour for new year’s eve as well.

You can have fun on a boat on New Year’s Eve, especially in Sydney harbour and especially with the love of your life.

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Sydney Catamaran Cruises

Are you wondering why to choose a Sydney Catamaran cruise in a city of beauty and natural wonders? There are plenty of things that you can do, including great cruising. Sydney has a striking and stunning coastline that you can explore. Go on a cruise and enjoy the astonishing view of the harbours.

The best way to enjoy your spare time is by Catamaran cruise. So, this is a beautiful way to spend treasured time with your loved ones. This article highlights the reason why you should go on a Catamaran cruise.

Let’s have a look at the reasons for choosing the Catamaran cruises.

To Try Something Unique

One of the reasons for going on a Sydney Catamaran cruises is to try something new and different. We are busy in our lives that it gets tedious and tiresome. To have a great weekend, you can go on a Catamaran cruise. You can get to meet many new people. There are plenty of things that you can do on a cruise. Like, have a delicious meal on the blue waters of Sydney. In this way, you will have an exciting and thrilling weekend.

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A Wonderful Way to Relax

What can be better than going on a cruise with your favourite people? Thanks to the Catamaran cruise, you can sail across the water, feel the light breeze, and see the sun setting. The perfect way to get away from the bustling city life and troubles of life is by going on a cruise on a Sydney Harbour.

Special Celebrations

Thrilling Activity

If you want to bring some excitement to your life, go on a Catamaran cruise. Whether you are sailing for the first time or tenth time, there is always something new you can try. You can go fishing in a new spot or take the kayaks with you, or visit a new beach.


Spend Quality Time

In our everyday routine, we all are so busy that we hardly spend time together. We come back home after work, have dinner and watch TV, use Facebook or check our emails. The kids spend most of their time playing games or using their phones. We don’t pay much of the time with our families because of the distractions. The best way to catch up with everyone is by going on a Catamaran cruise.

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Reasonable Choice

Most people think that going on a cruise is expensive and only for the rich. Also, this is a vast misconception; there are many companies offering deals for you to take your family on a cruise trip without breaking your bank.

All in all, here are the reasons why choose Sydney Catamaran cruises. When you are going on a Catamaran cruise, you can spend a fantastic time with your family and friends. Also, this is a great way to strengthen your bond with your family. The cruise is affordable so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We offer various packages for all valuable customers. So, contact our friendly customer support professionals to get more information.

Weddings Cruises Sydney Harbour

You are looking for romantic and unique wedding ideas. Your wedding day is the most memorable and unique occasion; this is why you must celebrate it the way you want.

If you love the sea, then planning wedding cruises Sydney Harbour are the best way to have a good time and celebrate your special day with your loved ones.

Since it is your wedding day, you want it to be perfect. Planning your wedding is stressful and hectic, but if you’re going to have a cruise wedding, it becomes even more challenging. There are plenty of things that you need to consider. This post will help you plan your wedding in a hassle-free and stress-free way.

Read on to know more about wedding cruises in Sydney.

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The first thing you need to keep in mind is the cost of a cruise wedding. The prices of the cruise wedding vary depending on numerous factors. You can increase the value of up to five figures and have rich experience. However, you can even reduce your budget by cutting back on some of the amenities and still have a magnificent wedding. So, it all depends on your budget.

It is advised to set your budget and plan your wedding accordingly. Also, this will save you from spending on unnecessary things.

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Where Will You Be Getting Married?

Some people prefer getting married onboard while some want to get married in port. Though getting married in port is pleasant and romantic, there are many things that you need to get done beforehand. To avoid any trouble on your wedding day, it is recommended to get all the paperwork done in advance. You have to make sure that everything by the local registrar.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind that there is a risk of unforeseen events like stormy weather. In such circumstances, you must always have a backup plan.

Sydney Boats

Number of Guests

It is advised to have a list of guests prepared well before time. Also, this is because you want to get a boat that is perfect for your guests. There must always be an extra space for 2 to 4 people, in case someone decides to show up at the last minute.


One of the most important thing for a cruise wedding is the dress of the bride and bridesmaid. You must make sure that your designer knows it is going to be a cruise wedding. Also, this is to ensure that you don’t have to face any difficulty in managing your dress. It is advised not to wear high heels as you might find it hard to board and disembark the stairs. You must inform the guests not to wear high heels as well.

Hence, make your big day even better and more romantic by contacting us. We are here to help you tie the knot on the waters of Sydney. With the help of proper planning wedding cruises, Sydney harbour can be the most intimate events.

The Island Sydney

The Island is a unique experience to have in Sydney, Australia. It is the country’s first and only floating beach club. It brings a European beach club experience to the city spread over 350 square meters. Complete with five-star service, it includes many luxury amenities. VIP cabanas, daybeds, modern decor, and more make the Island Sydney an unforgettable adventure.

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Features of the Island

The Island Sydney comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features. Each element adds a dimension of luxury and adventure to the experience. With so many amenities in one place, almost everybody gets to enjoy the Island in their way.

Cocktail Bar

The boat’s cocktail bar comes fully-licensed. With a fantastic array of drinks, it is the perfect place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the ambience of the Island.

Open-air Space

The open-air space is perfect for viewing the different sights of the harbour. People can gather around and dance or soak in the atmosphere doing their own thing.

Supervised Pool Area

If the open-air is not your thing, you can relax at the poolside or in the water. It comes fully supervised by skilful and experienced lifeguards, so you don’t have to worry about you or your friends and family’s safety.


Music creates an impressive scene on the boat. A great sound system and skilful DJ is available so people can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Roof and Side Covers

In case of rain or any other need, the roof and side covers of the boat are fully extendable. Therefore, people can continue to enjoy the Island experience without any hindrance.

Fun Experience

The daybeds, beach chairs, and VIP cabanas create the best beach experience but only on water. You can relax the same way you do on regular sand but enjoy the beautiful views of the harbour at the same time.

Sydney Boats

A Safe and Convenient Floating Beach Adventure

The Island Sydney is entirely safe. The best measures have been taken to ensure that there is a minimum risk of an accident. It can safely cater to 250 passengers at the maximum at any given time. Additionally, the Island provides the required convenience. It features a 50-seat private water taxi service for the duration of the event. Its ability to be set up anywhere on the harbour makes for a customizable experience. Furthermore, the facility of transport from bumping in and out is also available.

It is a beautiful way of arranging an event at the waterfront of Sydney. You can perfectly entertain your guests for a memorable time. The number of maximum guests allowed will vary according to the space owned by the boat company you choose. With the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background, the Island is the perfect combination of Sydney Harbour and European beach culture. Whether you are arranging a corporate getaway or a function for your extended family, the Island Sydney can do it better than any other option you may be considering.

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Christmas Party Ideas

So, you may think planning a Christmas party may be no big deal and can be organised within minutes or a few hours, but that is not the case. Anyone can decorate their house with Christmas props and invite close friends and family. However, with no fun activities to do, the party may account for nothing. People may not enjoy themselves. So, the whole point of throwing a Christmas party is for people to come and enjoy themselves. For the ultimate Christmas party ideas Sydney, keep on reading.

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Christmas Party Ideas Sydney

Of course, decorating your house with showpieces and balloon and choosing the top-notch food is a top priority when throwing a party. However, to make sure the guests don’t get bored, decide and implement fun Christmas party games and offer rewards and whatnot. However, before choosing Christmas party activities, count the number of guests you know will show up at the party. If the number of guests is huge, make sure you add games and activities which are more inclusive or which involve large groups of people to play. If kids are coming to your party, make sure you have a kid’s section and activities arranged as well. Also, including icebreaker games is a good idea if your guests won’t know anyone at your party.

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Here are a few activity ideas in Sydney

  • White Elephant. In this game, the host instructs his guests to bring a wrapped gift and put it on a table filled with tips. The guest is allowed to choose one present from the table: it can be his own, or it can be of another player’s. The game ends when there are no more gifts on the table.
  • Christmas Charades. Act out some of your favourite Christmas activities. For example, decorating the trees, baking a cake, decorating the gingerbread house, adding things to stockings and hanging them, etc.
  • Christmas Pictionary Relay. Guests are divided into two groups. A member of a team is chosen who is given the name of a song, and their teammates have to guess the name of the song. The person given the name of the song draws pictures on board to give their team members some ideas as to what the song is. The team that guesses the first three sings correctly wins.
  • A stock guessing game where members are handed stock, and they can feel what is inside it but not look inside.

If you’re not hosting a party at your house, there are multiple venues which you can choose to celebrate a Christmas party. Just make sure you don’t wear anything too warm.

  • Zephyr Bar
  • Buckleys
  • Beer Deluxe
  • Cargo Lounge
  • Escape Room
  • Boronia House
  • Sweethearts
  • Tatler Sydney
  • Wild Sage
  • El Camino Cantina

Another ultimate Christmas party ideas in Sydney can be to hire a yacht and go on a cruise. So, you can search the internet for the companies which assist in chartering a ship or boat.

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Vivid Harbour Cruise

Are you planning to go on a Vivid Harbour cruise? The Vivid Light show is one of the most magnificent outdoor music, lighting, and ideas festival. It is the largest festival of light in the Southern Hemisphere. So, this is an annual winter event that lasts from late May to mid-June. The 23 nights festival attracts more than 2 million people every year. To experience a fantastic cruise, you need to plan your visit. Also, this is why we have created a guide for you to see the festival of light. Continue reading!

Party Boat Hire

Plan Your Visit Early

It is recommended to plan your visit on weekdays instead of the weekend. You will be able to avoid the crowd and have a better experience seeing the installations. Another reason is that the cruises are affordable on weekdays.

A Vivid Harbour cruise is a remarkable way to experience the festival of light. So, this is because the Harbour city will be converted into an outdoor light sculpture exhibition that is best enjoyed from a distance. You can see this festival from a prime location to enjoy the fascinating sights and scenic views of the illuminated buildings and landmarks, including Opera House, Customs House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Most of the cruises leave from King Street Wharf or Darling Harbour. They pass under the Harbour bridge and move towards Opera House. So, this provides a fantastic chance to see the light installations from close-up.

Sydney Boats

What To Wear

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is clothing. Since it is celebrated in the first week of winters, the weather is unpredictable. Some evenings can be clear while some can be windy or even wet. So, it advised wearing something that will keep you warm as the evenings can get cold. It is recommended to take an umbrella with you as well. You can even invest in ponchos and raincoat if you can’t handle umbrella.

Corporate Boat Hire

Where to Eat

When you are seeing the Vivid Sydney, it is crucial that you know to grab a bite. Along the Vivid walks, you can see numerous restaurants that offer beautiful dishes that are pleasing to the eyes and delicious. There are many restaurants offering specials and are remain open for most of the night. Most of the areas within Vivid are crowded and requires a booking. So, it is advised to book the place in advance to avoid any trouble.

A Final Word

The Vivid Light Festival 2019 is an experience that you don’t want to miss. So, this is the reason we offer a package that suits every budget. You don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to witness the scenic views and enjoy exceptional photo opportunities. One of the most iconic events is the light projection of the Opera House. Next year plan your visit on weekdays rather than on weekends to see the installations yourself. For getting more information on the Vivid Harbour cruise, contact our friendly customer support experts.

BBQ Cruise In Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city to be explored. With the Sydney harbour being the central attraction for many locals and tourists, it is not uncommon to hire a boat and embark upon a sightseeing adventure. Most of the city and suburbs are built around the harbour, so it is always easier to hire a boat and enjoy the views. Apart from the tourists, many locals love t arrange boat events too. For example, a BBQ boat hire in Sydney is a typical choice among the residents.

There are plenty of boat hire options available. These can be arranged both during the day and night; whatever your mood requires for the sightseeing. Of course, some areas look best during the day and some at night. If you have tried a boat around the Sydney harbour before, try a BBQ on there as well.

Wedding Charters

A quality BBQ boat will offer you all the BBQ equipment needed. This way you can prepare a delicious BBQ according to your favourite recipes. You can hire different sizes f boats, so it is easier to accommodate varying numbers of people for an event. Also, you will get additional amenities like an enclosed toilet, an external ladder that allows swimming off the boat. You can come back quickly, and shade so you can relax and enjoy the view with your mouth-watering plate of BBQ.

Party Boat Hire

Sites you can Enjoy on BBQ Boat Hire on Sydney Harbour

Some BBQ boats can have luxury features as well. You can make a hire for a catering and waiter service along with the boat. Also, this is entirely feasible when you have a formal event to arrange. If you are new to a specific area of the harbour or just like the idea, you can hire a boat with a guide. They not only come with a wealth of knowledge about the history and cultures of the multiple sites, but their experience will provide the boat party with a fantastic opportunity to explore the harbour.

Boat Rental Sydney

Sydney Harbour is a vast area to explore. You can hire boats at different times during the year to experience the various attractions and enjoy the harbour in its glory in different weathers.

  • The Sydney Harbour National Park is a fun site where you can get a traditional Australian experience. You can go hiking, plan a picnic or indulge in wildlife viewing
  • The Bondi Beach is famous for surfing ad its hall street cafes
  • If you happen to prepare a BBQ at the end of the year, then the harbour is a beautiful stage on the New Years Eve
  • You can also take a walk in the district of the Rocks, where the past and present collide

All these sightseeing ideas are great to pair up with a BBQ boat charter. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the water while you inhale the smoky aroma of the BBQ; indulge in a platter and later take some time to have an adventure.

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Corporate Event Ideas

Are you planning a corporate event? Are you looking for the best corporate event ideas in Sydney? Sydney is a beautiful city where your events are more than just get-togethers. There are various activities that you can do for making your event more fun and memorable. To make your event successful and enjoyable, here are the top activities. Continue reading!

Christmas Party Ideas


A fantastic way to have a relaxing environment is by singing karaoke. You can have your staff sing karaoke. There is no better way to loosen things up than this activity. Both the boss and the employees can sing karaoke without feeling ashamed. To take things to the next level, you can have competitions for the best voice.

Play Room Escape Game.

A great way to enhance the problem-solving skills of your team is by playing the room escape game. This room-sized puzzle is an easy way to make sure your employees work as a team. In this puzzle, the players will have to solve clues for finding the key. Also, this will enable the employees to use their brains collectively to escape the room in a given time.

Bubble Soccer

Another fantastic and thrilling activity is Bubble Soccer. Also, this is a perfect game for a small group; in this, the teams compete in a game of soccer while wearing bubbles. It can be a significant team-building activity for your staff. To make the game more exciting, you can give the trophy to the winning team.

Have Your Own Festival

A remarkable way to reward your staff with an exciting and exhilarating experience is by creating your company festival. Also, this is perfect for large companies; you can organise an event for not only your staff but for their families as well. You can have food stalls, different entertainment options, and rides. Hence, having a unique festival is perfect for a corporate event.

Mobile Casino

The most exciting activity for a corporate event is the Mobile Casino. It is an excellent activity for your team to play and try their luck. You can have real size casino tables along with your company money. Also, this is the perfect activity for all sizes of group. You can even play poker and give prizes to the first and second place winners.

Romantic Proposals

Amazing Races

The best way to make an event exciting and fun is by having an Amazing Races. Also, this is the perfect activity for your event in Sydney. Just like the famous Amazing Race TV show, your employees will be exploring the venue. The teams will have to complete the challenges while studying the place. It is an ideal way to make your staff work in a group and improve team working.

Therefore, with the best corporate event ideas in Sydney, you can make sure your guests have a memorable and fun night. We have helped many companies arrange a successful and exciting corporate event. Our staff is experienced and high-qualified to meet the unique demands of your company. For organising a fun corporate event, contact us today.

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Hens Party Ideas

Are you planning a Hens party for your friend? Hens party is a crucial part for the bride as the last night they can enjoy as a single. Brides and groom want their hens night to be perfect. Everyone knows the importance of a Hens night. So, This is why people start planning their Hen’s party soon after they get engaged.
When you are planning a Hens party, there is no hard and fast rule. A Hen party can be anything you want for the bride. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the bride needs to have the best time of her life. To help you organise the perfect hen’s party, here are the best hens party ideas Sydney. Have a look!

Sydney Boats

Have a Meal With Beautiful View

In case you want to spend a great time with your girls, eat near the seaside. Sydney is blessed with the full range of extraordinarily fantastic and breathtaking views. You can make a hen’s night more individual and personal by having a lavish meal. For ensuring an incredible start, have a meal with a scenic view when the sun is too, and water is glimmering.


If you want your friend to have a memorable night, take her to the Princes of the Night. Also, this is a famous destination to visit on hen’s night in Sydney. It is a sexy show, including singers, dancers, topless hunks, and acrobats. It will be one of the moments that you will never forget and will cherish for the rest of your life.

Relaxing At a Spa

The perfect place to unwind with your friends is a Spa. There are plenty of Spas that will help you relax and feel rejuvenated before your wedding day. The professionals will provide an environment of tranquillity and calm for the bride. This massage therapist and beauty professionals will get you ready for your big day.

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Baking Class

Another great idea for hen’s party is baking if you are looking for something different than strippers. Going for a baking class is perfect for brides who are looking for a unique and fun activity. Also, this is a beautiful way to bond with your girls. There are women of all ages of life; it will be an excellent idea to talk to them and take a tip.

Go on a Picnic

One of the best hens party ideas Sydney is organising a picnic. There is no better way to spend the last moments of your single life with the whole crew. For having an excellent time, you must choose a scenic place. Bring the food and drinks of the bride choice.

In the end, the last hurray is imperative for the brides and grooms in Sydney. There are so many ideas for hens party; this makes choosing one a confusing and challenging choice. With the help of these ideas, you can make sure your friend (the bride) have the best last hurrah.

Party Boat Hire Sydney

An Overnight Boat Hire in Sydney

Sydney, while being famous for various attractions, is quite well-known for its waterfront. Therefore, hiring boats to cruise Sydney Harbour or the multiple rivers is a typical adventure for both locals and tourists. Sydney is lovely to view during the day, but it comes even more alive during the night. So instead of staying in a hotel, you will have a better experience on an overnight boat hire in Sydney. It can be a romantic evening with your better half or a memorable night out with the family.

If you are worried about your privacy, you don’t need to. Boat hire companies are quite accommodating to customers. While you can take self-driven boats, the skippered yachts are common for overnight cruises too. The skipper takes you on a timed twilight cruise depending on your itinerary. They will then moor the boat at a bay on the harbour or a safe marina berth. They either exit or stay in a separate cabin in case you have hired the luxury option. You can stay on the boat and enjoy a relaxing time with fantastic views or take your time around exploring.

It is easy to find the type of boat and experience you require when choosing an overnight cruise in Sydney Harbour. The boat hire companies offer multiple options so almost everyone can fund something fit for their needs.

Special Celebrations

Amenities on a overnight boat hire in Sydney

If you choose a more extended stay cruise, it will come with some essential amenities to make a night stay completely comfortable. However, different options can be selected, which feature additional amenities. For example, a bottle of champagne, sailing, breakfast, etc. apart from the night stay, the general facilities include a skipper, cleaning, service, etc.


Sights to enjoy during a cruise

Depending on your chosen journey, you will experience multiple views during your route. The fun thing about the harbour is that it is hardly ever dull. You will find unusual itineraries during different months of the year, and each one is wonderful on its own. Some familiar sights include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, opera house, fort Denison, botanical gardens, Cockatoo Island, Barangaroo, and Luna Park. You can choose to begin the boat ride at sunset, which adds a new dimension to the views.

Boat Charter Sydney

Why choose an overnight Boat?

The city can be a bit crowded during the day. It is crowded during the night too since it is such a tourist attraction and the waterfront is familiar ground for locals as well. But things are calmer at night, and the views are all lit up. Also, this makes experiencing even more mesmerising. If you happen to take an overnight cruise on New Year’s Eve, then it will be an unforgettable experience as the city becomes a fantastic stage to welcome the New Year.

Fishing Boat Hire Sydney

If you have never taken an overnight cruise in Sydney, you should give it a try. Even if you are familiar with the views during the day, the night will show you a new side.

Hens Party Ideas

Private Harbour Cruise Sydney

So, If you are planning a trip to Australia this year, you can’t miss out on sightseeing in Sydney. Most people want to escape city life and enjoy Australia for its wildlife. Although, you won’t regret adding the Sydney harbour to your itinerary.

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Sydney Harbour is one of the natural harbours to exist in the world. Apart from being rich in beautiful views, the harbour also features some great sightseeing attractions that include the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can hire a private harbour cruise in Sydney to visit and view these locations.

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What a Private Harbour Cruise in Sydney Is

If we can’t convince you to take a tour of the Sydney harbour, then perhaps the following facts will make the idea more interesting:

  • The Sydney harbour experiences almost 15 million trips by ferry each year
  • It is an excellent place for those who like to fish. In the summer of 2008, recreational fishermen were able to catch about 74,000 tonnes of fish. Although there are some restrictions. You should not eat any fish that was caught on the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the intake of fish from the east side should be limited to 150 grams per week. Is the reason for the presence of a high amount of dioxins in the harbour’s fish
  • Just the harbour alone is home to more than 20 swimmable beaches
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is not the only bridge to cross the harbour. It is also crossed by the Gladesville, Silverwater, and Ryde bridges
  • The harbour is initially a drowned river estuary made of sandstone dating back to 29 million years ago. Some 17,000 years ago, the sea level rose, and the harbour was formed due to the flooding of the river

Facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge

So, of the four bridges crossing the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the most well-known. It was opened in 1932, and a cost of sixpence was to be paid to cross it by car.

Here are some more interesting facts about this particular bridge over the beautiful harbour:

  • It is the largest bridge in the world to be made out of steel arches
  • The steel used to build the bridge collectively weighs 52,800 tonnes
  • This steel is only 21 per cent sourced from Australia itself, and the rest 79 per cent came from England
  • The initial three coats applied to the bridge required 272,000 litres of paint
  • The bridge took the hard work of 1,400 men to be built over a time of 8 years
  • The harbour initially incurred a cost of $4.2 million to be built
  • 16 lives were lost during its construction
  • The top arch of the bridge can rise and fall almost 180mm as a result of changes in the temperature
  • Today, it costs around $3.30 to cross the bridge, and you are not allowed to take horses over it

Consult the services of Embark to book your private harbour cruise in Sydney.

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Bucks Party Ideas

Marriage is a wonderful sacred tradition. It creates an everlasting bond with the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. It also, however, does come with a few caveats. Debauched nights out with your mates will undoubtedly fall by the wayside once the knot has been tied, which is exactly why God invented Bucks Night! The ‘last grasp of freedom’ before a man enters into the saintly union of marriage, Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Harbour has grown in popularity in recent years, with the advent of affordable travel leading to entire Bucks Weekends.

And what better place to spend a ravenous weekend with your mates than Sydney Harbour. A city born for adventure, whether you favour a more relaxed affair or something a little wilder, there are a wealth of options available in the heart of the city itself, but the harbour is definitely where you’ll find the most exciting activities, the classiest clubs and the fuzzy memories that will last a lifetime.


If you’re planning to make a weekend of it, you’ll probably be visiting several venues, but it’s always a good idea to have a ‘base of operations’ as it were. The venue you require will depend on the size of your party, but it’s always a good idea to keep everyone in one place. Otherwise, you might end up losing each other (particularly if you’ve had more than a few bevvies). Hiring out a large apartment space is one option, or perhaps consider something a little quirkier, like camping on Cockatoo Island. Perhaps the most decadent (and interesting) option would be to hire a boat for the duration of the party. The harbour is perfectly placed for this, as there are numerous spots to pull in and experience all manner of bars, clubs, restaurants and activities. There’s even the option of sleeping on the boat itself if you have the sea legs for it! The best thing about this option is that there will be a boat fit for any party size. So shop around, and you could net yourself anything from a small catamaran to a luxury yacht!


Every great Bucks Party starts with a cracking meal. Thankfully, Sydney Harbour is wealthy with fine dining options. The Bathers Pavilion not only offers thrilling cuisine but is housed in an elegant art deco building that will please all but the most stringent architecture buffs. Stepping things up even further, Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House. This is world-famous for a reason, though unless you’re a very wealthy (and very well behaved) group, you might want to save that one for after the wedding day. Another increasingly popular option for Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Harbour is the Twin Peeks Lingerie Restaurant. If your group are not as bothered about fine dining and are more interested in the entertainment, there are also plenty of more affordable, but no less tasty and atmospheric options. To enjoy some spectacular views with your scrumptious grub, consider dining on the waterfront on the historic wharf at Woolloomooloo, which offers outdoor dining options and some of the freshest seafood in the country. If all else fails, and you’ve adopted the mantra of ‘eating is cheating’ for the night, you could always consider grabbing some fish and chips on Bondi Beach.

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You might tell yourselves that you’re ‘too old’ for clubbing, but no Bucks Party would be complete without a trip to a nightclub. For live music, check out the Oxford Art Factory, where many top touring international artists will be plying their wares. Sydney’s legitimate ‘super club’ Home, meanwhile, is a glistening paradise for hard dance lovers with three levels and eight rooms. For similar, though less hectic fun, there’s also Chinese Laundry. Also, Marquee Sydney inside the Star Casino. This has played host to some of the biggest DJs in the world in recent years. If, however, you and your guests are looking for something more intimate and secluded. There’s always the more exciting option of a cruising nightclub on the sea! You’re in a harbour after-all, so why not take advantage and explore the harbour. While indulging in some more refined beats and some less watered-down alcohol. Some boat charter operatives, like ourselves, will also be able to help you organise the rest of your bucks party. We have contacts with a series of venue owners, activity organisers and transport companies. So we’re happy to use our relationships to get you exclusive access and great deals.

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The Harbour

Sydney Harbour is an idyllic and iconic spot. You probably don’t want to be spending every waking second of your bucks party drinking. So we recommend booking a sightseeing tour of the harbour. This can be a great way to get your bearings and introduce your guests to the area. The harbour itself can also play host to the whole party if you so desire. Crewed party boats are an increasingly popular option for bucks parties. Offering a more intimate and customisable experience, with options for fishing, snorkelling and more. For the adrenaline junkies, there’s also the option of Jet Boat. This will take you and your mates on a thrilling speedboat ride with 360-degree spins, stops, twists and wave riding. Just make sure you book this one before the heavy drinking commences!

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Just outside the harbour area is the Die Hard Indoor Paintball centre. So, as its name suggests, is the only indoor paintball centre in the city. Pretend you’re a colourful John McClane as you douse your friends in neon justice. In the same area, there’s also Laser Siege; the world’s largest laser tag complex. This offers similar thrills, only less expensive and less painful! If you’d rather shoot at inanimate objects then each other, laser clay pigeon shooting is also an option. As you can even do it from a boat if you so desire. Of course, there’s always the standard go-karting option and, if your party are keen golfers. Sydney is home to some of the most challenging and interesting courses in Australia. With options aplenty, Sydney Harbour is becoming an increasingly popular venue for bucks parties alike. With stunning views, plenty of activities, and an array of thriving clubs and restaurants. It doesn’t matter what you opt for; you’ll be guaranteed to have a great night. Whatever you had in mind for your group we have all the latest and greatest Bucks Party Ideas Sydney Harbour

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Fishing Hotspots in Sydney

Not only is Sydney Harbour one of the most perfectly idyllic locations for tourists, but it’s also a unique city due to its proximity to deep water currents, with the Eastern Australian Current incredibly close to land. This means, quite simply, it’s a perfect fishing location for beginners to experiment. For experienced hands to tempt the briny depths and expand their skill-sets.

What You Should Know

There are a few rules in place regarding fishing at Sydney Harbour. Nothing that should take you by surprise if you’re an experienced angler.

  • Check local signposts for rules specific to each area.
  • Always throw back undersized fish, or you could be faced with a hefty fine.
  • Only take what you’ll eat and make sure you always adhere to the bag or quantity limit set for each species.
  • The individual limits for size and amount can be checked on the NSW government site, here (saltwater limits) and here (freshwater limits). Note that these rules are in place primarily to ensure sustainability for future generations.
  • Anyone fisherman or women must only use 4 rods or handlines at any one time.
  • You must pay the Recreational Fishing Fee if you’re fishing in fresh and saltwater in Sydney. This is a reasonable charge of around $7 for a weekend.

The Places You Don’t Want To Miss

Of course, while you could quite comfortably spend a few hours merely basking in the sun. So, enjoying your own company, if you’re going fishing, you want to catch fish! The coves and pools lining the harbour are ideal fishing spots because fish are naturally swept into them due to the aforementioned currents. These flows happen daily and create a veritable feast of friendly fishing spots. Chief among which sit along the rock walls in Kirribilli, an affluent suburb. With a name that translates to a good fishing spot In the old Aboriginal dialect. The area lives up to its name. It’s one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs and has become renowned as a haven for fishing enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

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Clarkes Point along the Woolwich Peninsula, meanwhile, not only offers great fishing potential. Also, picnic benches and BBQs, making it an ideal day out for the whole family. For a less picturesque, but no less fruitful (or should that be, fishful) experience. Why not try casting your line underneath the Iron Cove Bridge on Victoria Road. There’s also Five Dock Bay, a popular walking area which might seem a little shallow for anything exciting. You can kick up some flatheads, whiting and bream. If you concentrate your fishing a few hours either side of the top of the tide, please make sure you cast out far enough.
the best fishing hotspots in sydney harbour

Types Of Fish

The rich fauna of Sydney Harbour is what keeps fishing enthusiasts coming back day after day and year after year. Historic records put the total of species at around 600, and that’s a conservative estimate! The fish you catch could depend on the time of day but are more likely to depend on your location. At the Beulah St Wharf on Kirribilli’s southern edge, you’ll find an abundance of squid, sea bream and trevally. Whereas if you cast your rod from the beach or from along the rocks, you might be able to snap up a snapper. From there you should also be able to catch flounder, flatheads and jewfish. At Clarkes Point, meanwhile, you’ll able to fish for luderick right at your feet and leatherjackets along the shoreline. You could even try live baiting for kingfish.

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Fishing Charters

A wonderful way to experiment is to charter a boat and scout out the best locations by sea, either yourself or with an expert crew. The flexibility this offers is truly unmatched, and you’ll struggle to go back to wandering the rocks and hoping for a free space. Our fishing charters are all crewed. So you will be able to utilise their knowledge of the area and the local hotspots to your advantage. High-octane, big game fishing is also an option for the more ambitious fishermen and women among you. Though these ships generally head up the coast to Port Stephens, where the marlin fish are plentiful.

Timing It Right

Generally speaking, as is the case with most wharves, you’re going to want to head out as early as possible to catch the best fish. Not only is the Harbour one of the most popular places on earth for the pastime (so vying for space might be an issue if you leave it too late), but the morning is when the currents first flow in, so you’ll generally get the largest haul at breakfast time. That being said. However, late evenings can be just as fruitful. It’s also recommended to stick to early morning or late evenings. As these are the times when you are least likely to encounter distracting currents from ships or ferries.

In Sydney Harbour, the best seasons for fishing will depend very much on the kind of fish you’re looking to catch. You’ll find more salmon in the winter months, luderick in the autumn and jewfish in the spring and summer. In general, however, Sydney Harbour is wonderful for fishing all year round, with many of the region’s ‘bread and butter’ fish (bream, snapper, whiting etc.) appearing in vast quantities regardless of the time of year. So, if you’ve even a passing interest in the sport, it should certainly be on your list of must-fish locations.

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Luxury Yacht vs Hotel

The first question you should always ask yourself when planning a party is. What kind of party you want it to be. Once you’ve decided on the purpose and theme, then it’s the venue which holds the key to this success.

If you’re throwing a party for more than just your close friends and family, the chances are you’re going to want to push the boat out a little further. Maybe hire a venue suitable for larger groups. In this case, perhaps the most obvious option is to hire a function room in a large hotel because this is where parties are common, and the staff knows what to expect.

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Be Different

A smart option, of course, but there is another option you might not even have considered. That’s probably more affordable than you’d imagine and could make for a much more memorable experience. If the location allows it (you’re not planning a party in a landlocked city a hundred miles from the coast), why not consider hiring a yacht for the event and delight your guests free from the confines of the shore.

Whether chartering your boat and planning your adventure. Take advantage of a package that includes a full crew, food, and drink. It’s certainly an option to consider if you want to have a memorable night.

But which to choose Hotel or yacht? As with all things in life, of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both, so it’s essential to take stock of exactly what your needs are and what you’ll be getting from either option. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, a birthday party, an anniversary or a wedding, the primary criteria will always be similar. You need a location, you need an atmosphere, you need entertainment, and you need people! The last one we’ll leave up to you, of course. So when it comes to the other three, we might be able to help you make a decision.

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If you opt for a hotel for a venue you are often confined to the room you book. You may have bar access and a terrace, but your staging room is where you and your guests will spend the majority of the evening. While this setting will often be spacious and comfortable for your party size. It is somewhat limiting when you compare your options. If you were to opt for a boating venue, however, while sure, you are confined by the surrounding waters. You and your guests can wander freely around the deck of your boat. If you opt for a larger luxury yacht, you may even have the same amount of space that a small hotel might offer. This gives you, and your guests have more freedom and can help prevent a party from getting stale.

luxury boat for cruises


When you are choosing the setting for your venue, you will often be swayed by the places. Whether it’s a countryside manor with an extensive landscape or a thriving hotel amid a bustling city. With unique views of the surrounding architecture, the location will always play a part in your decision to choose a venue. One of the benefits of having your venue onboard a luxury yacht is the glistening waters surround you and constantly changing landscaping. Something is calming about watching the world float away. So, for more intimate occasions like a wedding or a conference, this might be a preferable setting.


Unless you splash out on a top-class venue, the vast majority of hotel function rooms will be serviceable, comfortable. They are rather plain empty rooms, and it will be very much up to you to supply the character. On a yacht, however, nature and the atmosphere are provided part and parcel by the vast expanse of ocean folding out in front of you. The 360-degree views you and your guests will be treated to will leave lifelong memories. This is great for a memorable occasion like a milestone birthday but very smart for business events like a product launch.

luxury yacht vs hotel


One thing you might not even consider when weighing the pros and cons of a yacht party or a hotel. There will be fewer restrictions out on the open sea. This means you’ll be able to play your music as loud as you want (to a degree). So without upsetting your neighbours (provided you leave the docks of course), and there will be no curfew, so the party can continue through the night into the morning if you and your guests feel up to it.


Of course, depending on the size of the yacht, there might be less space if hire a full live band. So, you won’t be able to power anything too ambitious (a full-blown laser light show might be asking a little much of the generator). So if you shop around, you should be able to commandeer a vessel that meets your needs. One benefit of both settings is they have accommodation options. So if you want your party to continue to the early morning, you can. So, then you and your guests have a place to rest when you’re ready.

Ultimately, whether you choose to host your party in a top hotel or a luxury yacht, so, it will be down to you to make it a success. That being said though, there’s always something to be said for the setting. You what more extravagant a setting than the endless, turquoise wonder of the ocean.

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Must See Attractions

Sydney Harbour is a lot of things. It’s one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. An aquatic playground for locals and holidaymakers alike. It is home to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The real selling point of a day (or night) out in Sydney Harbour, however, is the scenery.
There’s a reason why the Sydney skyline adorns walls, tea towels and screen-savers across the world. One hundred fifty miles of scintillating shoreline, blessed with unspoiled beaches and lush fauna. It’s simply stunning at any time of day and at any time of year.

Anyone with an eye for beauty and an adventurous heart could quite comfortably spend an afternoon, an evening or an entire week simply drifting around the harbour, basking in the glorious vistas and soaking up the sun. But for those among you who crave a little more, we have a few ideas.

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Circular Quay

An excellent base for exploring the harbour. As it’s not only the destination from which all the boats and ferries depart. So it also connects the city to its numerous waterside suburbs, acting as the beating heart of the city. It’s also the area where you’ll spot some of the most iconic views.

Island Hopping

There’s not only 360-degree wonders, but some interesting history to be offered by Sydney Harbour’s islands. With each of which can be reached quite comfortably by boat or ferry. Shark Island is a typical tropical paradise and perfect for a picnic, but if you desire an afternoon with a little more meat on the bones, consider Cockatoo Island, with its rich, convict history and fascinating industrial architecture.

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The clear waters that sit just off the shoreline at Sydney Harbour also provide excellent opportunities for snorkelling. Why not charter a boat or join a boat tour and explore every nook and cranny the harbour has to offer, exploring the crystal-clear waters and native marine life. For an adventure closer to the shore, take in the idyllic haven of Shelly Beach just north of the harbour. Safe for the whole family, there is easy access to the water and the beach. Also, with a reef to the right-hand side of the beach that offers a frenzy of protected marine life to explore and admire.



Everyone loves the beach, but many of the glorious beaches scattered around Sydney (particularly the notorious Bondi Beach) are always packed with tourists, so it can often feel more like a game of sardines than the relaxed experience it should be. Mercifully, there are legions of quiet, secluded beaches liberally sprinkled around Sydney Harbour. So there you should be able to find a quiet picnic spot, explore the sand and take a dip in the clear turquoise waters. Harbour beaches, by their nature, are generally calmer than ocean beaches, so don’t be afraid to bring small children. Camp Cove is an endearingly popular location. Also, if you explore further along the shore, you’ll find more secluded areas for exploration. The Hermitage Foreshore track twists elegantly along the coastline, offering water-sports, relaxation and plenty of those unbeatable views.

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Secret Beaches

For a more personal, ‘secret beach’ experience, meanwhile, the aforementioned Shelly Beach. It is a perfect space from which to relax on the golden sands and watch the world float by. So further north is Chinaman’s Beach, a large stretch of sand anchored to a calm ocean. It would make for a perfect day at the beach with young children. There are two tranquil beaches within Sydney Harbour National Park. Shark Beach has a netted swimming area. While Milk Beach sits within an isolated stretch of coastline offering some of the most dramatic hidden views of the city.

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Harbour Tours

One of the most popular ways many vacationers get to know Sydney is via a harbour cruise. Also, this is a beautiful way to introduce yourself to the city and soak up its unique atmosphere. Relax on the deck, take a dip or take the opportunity to learn a little more about the history and culture of the harbour. So, this can be one of the most personal means through which to experience and get to know the area. Also, you can introduce you to other areas you might want to visit later during your visit.


If you wish to explore the waters on a more personal level, you might even want to consider hiring a kayak and having a leisurely paddle around the inner islands of the harbour. Head upstream from the bridge, and you’ll eventually end up at the historic Woolwich Dry Dock. As it no longer operates as a dry dock, but visitors of the harbour can still moor their vessels.


After a day spent exploring the harbour either by land or by sea, the area is also wealthy with options when it comes to nightlife. For those among you who prefer to clink your glasses and sip your cocktails in splendour. Why not consider the upmarket hotels that line the harbour. Hotel bars were once the establishments that set the gold standard for high-class drinking. As such, these are still the locations that will offer the most spectacular views, the most elaborate theming and the best possible service.

Special Events

Speaking of night-life, there are many exciting events that take place in the harbour throughout the year. The Vivid Festival in May sees the city’s buildings come to life as a living canvas with bold illumination and unique projections. There’s also, of course, Sydney’s legendary New Year’s Eve Fireworks display, which is even more incredible when experienced by boat.