Vivid Harbour Cruise

Are you planning to go on a Vivid Harbour cruise? The Vivid Light show is one of the most magnificent outdoor music, lighting, and ideas festival. It is the largest festival of light in the Southern Hemisphere. So, this is an annual winter event that lasts from late May to mid-June. The 23 nights festival attracts more than 2 million people every year. To experience a fantastic cruise, you need to plan your visit. Also, this is why we have created a guide for you to see the festival of light. Continue reading!

Plan Your Visit Early

It is recommended to plan your visit on weekdays instead of the weekend. You will be able to avoid the crowd and have a better experience seeing the installations. Another reason is that the cruises are affordable on weekdays.

A Vivid Harbour cruise is a remarkable way to experience the festival of light. So, this is because the Harbour city will be converted into an outdoor light sculpture exhibition that is best enjoyed from a distance. You can see this festival from a prime location to enjoy the fascinating sights and scenic views of the illuminated buildings and landmarks, including Opera House, Customs House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Most of the cruises leave from King Street Wharf or Darling Harbour. They pass under the Harbour bridge and move towards Opera House. So, this provides a fantastic chance to see the light installations from close-up.

What To Wear

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is clothing. Since it is celebrated in the first week of winters, the weather is unpredictable. Some evenings can be clear while some can be windy or even wet. So, it advised wearing something that will keep you warm as the evenings can get cold. It is recommended to take an umbrella with you as well. You can even invest in ponchos and raincoat if you can’t handle umbrella.

Where to Eat

When you are seeing the Vivid Sydney, it is crucial that you know to grab a bite. Along the Vivid walks, you can see numerous restaurants that offer beautiful dishes that are pleasing to the eyes and delicious. There are many restaurants offering specials and are remain open for most of the night. Most of the areas within Vivid are crowded and requires a booking. So, it is advised to book the place in advance to avoid any trouble.

A Final Word

The Vivid Light Festival 2019 is an experience that you don’t want to miss. So, this is the reason we offer a package that suits every budget. You don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to witness the scenic views and enjoy exceptional photo opportunities. One of the most iconic events is the light projection of the Opera House. Next year plan your visit on weekdays rather than on weekends to see the installations yourself. For getting more information on the Vivid Harbour cruise, contact our friendly customer support experts.

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Birthday Cruises Sydney Harbour

Why a Private Harbour Cruise Sydney is so Special

BBQ Cruise In Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city to be explored. With the Sydney harbour being the central attraction for many locals and tourists, it is not uncommon to hire a boat and embark upon a sightseeing adventure. Most of the city and suburbs are built around the harbour, so it is always easier to hire a boat and enjoy the views. Apart from the tourists, many locals love t arrange boat events too. For example, a BBQ boat charter in Sydney is a typical choice among the residents.

There are plenty of boat hire options available. These can be arranged both during the day and night; whatever your mood requires for the sightseeing. Of course, some areas look best during the day and some at night. If you have tried a boat around the Sydney harbour before, try a BBQ on there as well.

bbq boat hire sydney

A quality BBQ boat will offer you all the BBQ equipment needed. This way you can prepare a delicious BBQ according to your favourite recipes. You can hire different sizes f boats, so it is easier to accommodate varying numbers of people for an event. Also, you will get additional amenities like an enclosed toilet, an external ladder that allows swimming off the boat. You can come back quickly, and shade so you can relax and enjoy the view with your mouth-watering plate of BBQ.

Sites you can Enjoy on BBQ Boat

Some BBQ boats can have luxury features as well. You can make a hire for a catering and waiter service along with the boat. Also, this is entirely feasible when you have a formal event to arrange. If you are new to a specific area of the harbour or just like the idea, you can hire a boat with a guide. They not only come with a wealth of knowledge about the history and cultures of the multiple sites, but their experience will provide the boat party with a fantastic opportunity to explore the harbour.

Sydney Harbour is a vast area to explore. You can hire boats at different times during the year to experience the various attractions and enjoy the harbour in its glory in different weathers.

  • The Sydney Harbour National Park is a fun site where you can get a traditional Australian experience. You can go hiking, plan a picnic or indulge in wildlife viewing
  • The Bondi Beach is famous for surfing ad its hall street cafes
  • If you happen to prepare a BBQ at the end of the year, then the harbour is a beautiful stage on the New Years Eve
  • You can also take a walk in the district of the Rocks, where the past and present collide

All these sightseeing ideas are great to pair up with a BBQ boat charter. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the water while you inhale the smoky aroma of the BBQ; indulge in a platter and later take some time to have an adventure.

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Choosing A Vessel

An Overnight Charter in Sydney

Sydney, while being famous for various attractions, is quite well-known for its waterfront. Therefore, hiring boats to cruise the Sydney Harbour or the multiple rivers is a typical adventure for both locals and tourists. Sydney is lovely to view during the day, but it comes even more alive during the night. So instead of staying in a hotel, you will have a better experience on an overnight boat hire Sydney. It can be a romantic evening with your better half or a memorable night out with the family.

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Private Harbour Cruise Sydney

So, If you are planning a trip to Australia this year, you can’t miss out on sightseeing in Sydney. Most people want to escape city life and enjoy Australia for its wildlife. Although, you won’t regret adding the Sydney harbour to your itinerary.

Sydney Harbour is one of the natural harbours to exist in the world. Apart from being rich in beautiful views, the harbour also features some great sightseeing attractions that include the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can hire a private harbour cruise in Sydney to visit and view these locations.

What a Private Harbour Cruise in Sydney Can Provide

If we can’t convince you to take a tour of the Sydney harbour, then perhaps the following facts will make the idea more interesting:

  • The Sydney harbour experiences almost 15 million trips by ferry each year
  • It is an excellent place for those who like to fish. In the summer of 2008, recreational fishermen were able to catch about 74,000 tonnes of fish. Although there are some restrictions. You should not eat any fish that was caught on the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the intake of fish from the east side should be limited to 150 grams per week. Is the reason for the presence of a high amount of dioxins in the harbour’s fish
  • Just the harbour alone is home to more than 20 swimmable beaches
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is not the only bridge to cross the harbour. It is also crossed by the Gladesville, Silverwater, and Ryde bridges
  • The harbour is initially a drowned river estuary made of sandstone dating back to 29 million years ago. Some 17,000 years ago, the sea level rose, and the harbour was formed due to the flooding of the river

Facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge

So, of the four bridges crossing the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the most well-known. It was opened in 1932, and a cost of sixpence was to be paid to cross it by car.

Here are some more interesting facts about this particular bridge over the beautiful harbour:

  • It is the largest bridge in the world to be made out of steel arches
  • The steel used to build the bridge collectively weighs 52,800 tonnes
  • This steel is only 21 per cent sourced from Australia itself, and the rest 79 per cent came from England
  • The initial three coats applied to the bridge required 272,000 litres of paint
  • The bridge took the hard work of 1,400 men to be built over a time of 8 years
  • The harbour initially incurred a cost of $4.2 million to be built
  • 16 lives were lost during its construction
  • The top arch of the bridge can rise and fall almost 180mm as a result of changes in the temperature
  • Today, it costs around $3.30 to cross the bridge, and you are not allowed to take horses over it

Consult the services of Embark Boat Hire to book your private harbour cruise in Sydney.

An Overnight Charter in Sydney

Must See Attractions

Sydney Harbour is a lot of things. It’s one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. An aquatic playground for locals and holidaymakers alike. It is home to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The real selling point of a day (or night) out in Sydney Harbour, however, is the scenery. Read More