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Hire a Boat In Sydney Harbour for New Year’s Eve

New year’s eve is a big deal for some people and the others; it’s just an ordinary day which passed and an ordinary night. However, for the people who are crazy about celebrating new year’s eve, it is always a good idea to hire a boat in Sydney harbour for new year’s eve! You can throw a party on the boat or yacht or take your partner on a romantic cruise. Celebrating new year’s eve with your lover is the best way to enjoy new year’s eve. You can even call your closest friends or family only. It will never be a bad idea to hire a boat in Sydney harbour for new year’s eve.

hire boat sydney harbour new years eveBut, what do you do once you have hired a boat? Sure, you can take a cruise along the Sydney harbour but that is too plain, and that idea is the only idea that pops into everyone’s head. What else can you do to make the new year’s eve more special? Here are a few activities you can do with your partner once you hire a boat in Sydney harbour for new year’s eve:

  • Watch the fireworks. Who doesn’t like to watch fireworks? Especially while being on a boat with the love of your life. You can have sofas set up on a corner of the boat while sipping some champagne.
  • Kiss your partner at midnight. It’s an old tradition and a little cheesy as well for some couples. However, many superstitious people believe that kissing at precisely 12 AM means that the couple will be blessed with more love in the coming twelve months.
  • Play a romantic song and dance on new year’s eve. With fireworks decorating the sky and the soft music playing, it’s always nice to use that opportunity to dance with the love of your life. Even if you don’t know how to dance or can’t hear the music, just sway side by side while holding your partner’s hand.
  • Test a new cuisine. You can hire a chef on the boat to cook for you and your partner. Make a pact with your partner to try new dishes every new year’s eve or on every special occasion. Get creative, and soon you’ll have a go-to new-year’s only dish which will make you reminisce memories.
  • Take pictures and videos with your partner and make a time capsule with them. Gather up all the memories you have created with your partner, whether they’re happy or sad, good or bad. Looking back at memories makes the both of you realise how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. Every new year’s eve, you can look back on that time capsule and celebrate how far you’ve come. You can make it a tradition to hire a boat in Sydney Harbour for new year’s eve as well.

You can NOT have fun on a boat on new year’s eve, especially on Sydney harbour and especially with the love of your life.

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