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Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney played host to the 2000 Olympic Games which has gone down in history as one of the best Olympic Games to date. The purpose-built facilities remain and are open to the public! Sydney Olympic Park now hosts various sports and entertainment programmes for people of all ages.

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Sydney hosted the Olympic Games in 2000 and worked on the Olympic Park finished the year before. However, Australia has an essential indigenous history. The land the Sydney Olympic Park is built on is part of the traditional areas of the Wann clan. It is thought they will have been heavily reliant on the estuaries of the Parramatta River for food, resources and travel.

Over the years, the land was settled and used for many different purposes. The Blaxland family started a saltworks back at the start of the 19th century. It has also been used for abattoirs and brickworks. The flatlands of the Olympic Park had always been an important industrial area, but in modern times, it is now one of Sydney's great attractions.

The 2000 Olympics in Sydney will certainly go down as one of the best ever. The host nation broke a bunch of their own and other World, Olympic and Paralympic records. Nearly 200 countries and over 10,000 athletes took part.

The Olympic Park was built with certain aspects in mind. They wanted an urban core that contains sporting venues and entertainment facilities and a major park providing ecologically unique areas and a waterfront development offering public access to the shoreline. The Olympic Park had 200,000 to 400,000 visitors a day and still is a great place to visit when in Sydney.

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The Olympic Park is about 11 miles from the airport and over 8 miles from the CBD. If travelling there for a significant event, public transport is recommended. There are plenty of train and bus options. There is also a ferry wharf at the Olympic Park. It takes roughly 33 minutes to get there from Circular Quay.

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There are several things to do at the Sydney Olympic Park. There are public art exhibitions and exhibitions on Australian sport and its history. There is an orienteering centre, an urban jungle and aqua park. There are cycling tracks, archery centres, bird watching areas and scenic walks. There are five ecologically different parks on the grounds. Most of them are dog and BBQ friendly but double-check to be sure! There are a selection of cafes, bars and restaurants in the Olympic Park as well as accommodation.

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