Your Guide To Elliot Street Ferry Wharf Balmain West Wharf

Disabled Access – YES

Food and Drink Options – YES

Tourist Attractions – YES

Transport Links – NO

Shopping Centre – NO

Nightlife – NO

Elliott Street Wharf is a secondary pier, situated on the Parramatta River on the Iron Cove, which serves the suburb of Balmain. It is located on the west side and is also commonly referred to as Balmain West Ferry Wharf.

The pier was served by a ferry service until 2013, but now it is only used by private vessels so is generally a lot quieter. The perfect place to be dropped off if you fancy a swim at the nearby Dawn Fraser Baths or a trip into Balmain for a meal on Darling Street.

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Elkington Park is a harbour front park with lots of green space, decent coverage, lots of places to sit, a playground and, of course, exceptional views. It gets quite rocky around the seafront, so it might not be suitable for very young children, but it does welcome dogs and is a popular picnic spot with locals.

Situated within Elkington Park, the Dawn Fraser Baths are very much an attraction lost in time, and that’s what makes them so special. A unique experience in Sydney, the outdoor ocean pool is a great hit with families and keen swimmers alike who desire an experience free of corporate affiliations and modern accruements.

The pool, which is well maintained and staffed by an enthusiastic crew with the condition of the water checked and reported daily, is a tidal flow saltwater pool that is home to the famous Balmain Swimming Club, the oldest of its kind in the country. Built originally in the 1880s, it is also the oldest swimming pool in Australia and is on both the National Trust and the Register of National Estate.

There are still minor modern affectations, of course, with solar heating ensuring hot showers and a kiosk serving hot food, drinks and snacks. During low tide, there’s even a small beach.

Darling Street is also full of shopping opportunities, so there is more than enough on the one street alone to keep any family, couple or solo traveller entertained for an afternoon and evening.

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Restaurants & Bars

Pellegrini’s Restaurant is located right on the wharf and is a decidedly old-fashioned Australian seafood restaurant with an independent spirit and a romantic, quirky atmosphere. Simple, unpretentious seafood is the order of the day here, and the view from the dining terrace is genuinely breath-taking.

A short walk from the wharf, meanwhile, and you’ll come across Darling Street, which is one of the wealthiest streets in Sydney when it comes to drinking and dining options. Enjoy a drink at one of the many historic pubs in all their 19th-century splendour, or pick up some genuine Italian gelato at Darling Gelato.

If you fancy something a little more sophisticated, meanwhile, there are ample choices when it comes to more modern cocktail bars, such as the classy and refined Lodge Bar, which acts as a middle ground between old-world glamour and hip, contemporary sophistication.

Along Darling Street, you’ll find every cuisine imaginable. From Korean to American and from Japanese and European to local Australian fare, it’s doubtful that you won’t find something to your liking.

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