Your Guide To Manly Fun Pier Wharf

Disabled Access – YES Food and Drink Options – YES Tourist Attractions – YES Transport Links – YES Shopping Centre – NO Nightlife –YES

The Manly Fun Pier Wharf hosts a rich history of entertainment. It used to house a popular theme park and amusement arcade. The park was first closed in 1989 and again after a redevelopment in 2000, but the wharf is still a great port for accessing local amenities. Please note this is not the main ferry wharf, but it does have disabled access. The adjacent ferry wharf is a lively wharf with great transport links, a thriving atmosphere and some of the most popular restaurants in North Sydney. Note, however, that it does get exceptionally busy at the weekend.


The Manly Fun Pier began life as a cargo wharf at Manly Cove in the 1850s, but it was closed in 1927 before being reopened 4 years later as the Manly Amusement Pier. During its life, the Fun Pier saw a number of renovations, but it was eventually demolished for good in the late 1980s when the passenger wharf was extended and redeveloped in 1989. A new amusement complex opened in its place in 1990, but it closed too when the wharf was again substantially redeveloped in 2000.


As the wharf is situated within the Manly beach resort, you’ll never struggle to find ways to entertain yourself. Not only are there numerous beaches and walks, including the picturesque Fairlight Walk (which is just as lovely as it sounds), but there is also a water park, sea life sanctuary and art gallery just a 5-minute walk from the wharf. The main wharf complex features not only a range of bars and restaurants (more on that later) but also a number of retail outlets and an ALDI Supermarket. A short walk east along the wharf and you’ll also find companies offering parasailing and kayaking activities.

The area of Manly itself is a cosmopolitan suburb that was developed as a seaside resort in the 19th century and remains one of the most popular areas in Sydney for tourists. As an affluent area, many of the retail outlets and stores you’ll find are locally run, independent businesses selling artisanal fares and wares, though supermarkets and chain stores are also present if you really need them. The Manly Market and Fish Market are particularly popular with tourists, with the atmosphere of both as much a major selling point as the produce. The market sells exotic foods (crocodile meat being one notable example) and fresh vegetables, and the fish market boasts some of the freshest seafood in the city. If you enjoy surfing, swimming or sunbathing, meanwhile, then the gorgeous Manly Beach is one of the most popular and attractive beaches in Australia.

Restaurants & Bars

Along Manly Beach, you’ll find dozens of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. What the area is really famous for, however, is its seafood. The Whitewater, The Pantry and The Herring Room are just three examples of restaurants in Manly that serve world-class seafood at surprisingly affordable prices. There are also countless counter-service fish and chips joints if you fancy something a little more low-key. Manly is also very popular with night owls, with dozens of bars scattered across the area that are open late and attract a very discerning clientele.