Your Guide To Mosman Bay Wharf

Disabled Access – YES

Food and Drink Options – NO

Tourist Attractions – YES

Transport Links – YES

Shopping Centre – YES

Nightlife – NO

The Mosman Bay Wharf sits at the north side of the Harbour and is only a short 1.5km walk from the Mosman’s Bridgepoint shopping precinct. Bus transportation from the wharf is also convenient, with links to Circular Quay. There is also ample parking. The wharf is located on the northern side of the harbour and serves the affluent suburb of Mosman, which features a number of boutique shops, bistros and bars, as well as the beautiful Chowder Bay area, the historic Neutral Bay and Clifton Gardens, which is a famous picnic spot with excellent fishing and spectacular views.

The current Mosman Bay Ferry Wharf is a modern construction, which was rebuilt in 2014 as part of a wider effort on the local Government’s part to revitalise the wharves of Sydney. The new wharf builds on the existing building, but also incorporates a longer, aluminium gangway and a refurbished pontoon with a curved roof, glass panels and seating. These renovations provide greater protection for passengers from the elements, extra safety measures, better access for disabled passengers and passengers with prams.


Mosman Bay is one of three main wharves in the Mosman area and is so-named because of one, Archibald Mosman. He obtained the land surrounding the bay in 1831 and founded a whaling station in the area with his brother, George. Before 1831, the bay was known as Great Sirius Cove, due to the HMS Sirius, which entered the bay in 1789. This name lives on in the next bay to the east with Sirius Cove, which itself was originally known as Little Sirius Cove.


The Bridgepoint shopping precinct is just a short walk or an even shorter bus journey from the wharf and offers a convenient and attractive shopping experience for locals. As well as local shops, the centre also features a large ALDI supermarket, so this might be a wise step if you want to stock up on affordable supplies.

Closer to the wharf itself is Reid Park, which is a lovely picnic spot that also welcomes dogs, so it would be an ideal place to be dropped off if you are planning on taking your pets on your charter. The park also features a fenced children’s playground.

A short walk or bus ride away, towards Taylors Bay, you’ll also find Taronga Zoo. Officially opened all the way back in 1916, the zoo is the official city zoo of Sydney and is divided into eight different regions over 69 acres. Standout attractions include Bear Canyon, the Giant Tortoise enclosure and the Lemur Forest Adventure. The zoo was also the first place in Australia for an elephant to be born, back in 2009.

Restaurants & Bars

The Mosman Rowers club is a local institution serving great, down-to-earth food and a selection of beers and wine. Elsewhere, you’ll struggle to find much in the way of restaurant fare, but the wharf acts as a great gateway to the Mosman area, where you’ll find plenty of upmarket bars and restaurants scattered throughout the precinct.