Your Guide To Pyrmont Bay Ferry Wharf

Disabled Access – YES

Food and Drink Options – YES

Tourist Attractions – YES

Transport Links – YES

Shopping Centre – YES

Nightlife – YES

Pyrmont Bay Ferry Wharf is part of the Sydney Ferries network and sits west of Darling Harbour, in Pyrmont Bay. The Australian National Maritime Museum, Pyrmont Bay Park and a wealth of restaurants and bars sit close by the wharf, and it is also located within spitting distance of The Star casino resort complex.

This makes it an ideal drop off point for either an afternoon activity or an evening out. For transport links, alongside the ferry system, there is also a bus route operating from outside the Maritime Museum and a light rail station connecting to Dulwich Hill.

The wharf was rebuilt in 2015 as part of a considered effort by the local government to improve ferry services throughout Sydney. Note that this is a bustling wharf and ferries always have the right of way.


The Australian National Maritime Museum, which is located just south of the wharf, is a popular tourist attraction that is as entertaining as it is educational. The museum was first opened in 1991 by the federal government.

It was designed by Philip Cox and had something of a difficult birth, with disagreements between the state and federal governments and funding issues leading to the opening being pushed back almost three years.

Today, however, it is one of the most popular attractions in Darling Harbour, with several original and replica vessels on display for guests to admire and, in some cases, explore.

Guests to the museum will climb 18th-century tall ships, explore a submarine, and learn about the various explorers and navigators that have coloured the history of Sydney Harbour and naval history in general.

The museum includes several permanent attractions, which focus on the navigators of Sydney’s shores, the deep connection with the sea experienced by the Aboriginal islanders, the coastal culture of Australia, the history and operation of the Australian Navy and the story of the passengers who have travelled to the country by sea.

There is also a gallery examining the relationships and commonalities between Australia and the US. The museum also hosts several touring attractions, which change throughout the year.

South of the museum, meanwhile, you’ll find the Harbourside Shopping Centre, which is one of the largest and most fully-featured shopping malls in the city. From boutique retail outlets to the most popular international stores, you’d struggle to leave Harbourside without making a purchase.

Campbell’s Cove Wharf

Restaurants & Bars

The wharf is nestled within the Pyrmont region, which boasts several enticing options when it comes to wining and dining. Just a short walk away you’ll find The Star casino and hotel resort, which boasts a nightclub, live music venue and theatre, as well as 8 bars and seven restaurants. Pyrmont would be a significant drop-off point for party boat hires.

The Harbourside Centre also features dozens of restaurants, including a Hard Rock Cafe and other famous international chains, as well as unique eateries offering almost any cuisine you can imagine, often at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Closer to Pyrmont Bay Wharf you’ll find the Waterside Cafe, which provides fish and chips and snacks in a subtle setting with a glorious harbour view. A little walk inland to the light rail station and you’ll find the Malaysian restaurant Nur Muhammad, a Sushi Bar, several Thai restaurants and the always famous Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, which is affordable and homely.

King Street Wharf ( Piers 6, 7, 8 and 9)