Your Guide To – Taronga Zoo Ferry Wharf

Disabled Access – YES

Food and Drink Options – YES

Tourist Attractions – YES

Transport Links – YES

Shopping Centre – NO

Nightlife – NO

The Taronga Zoo Ferry Wharf is, as one would expect, located right by the iconic Sydney institution of Taronga Zoo itself. You will also find the Taronga Food Market and the Whiting Beach within walking distance of the wharf.

The wharf is perfectly placed as a drop-off spot for the zoo and also offers extensive transport links to the rest of the city, with numerous bus and ferry connections available. The wharf is the preferred mode of entry to Sydney’s major zoological park for most tourists, as the route in is incredibly scenic.

Passengers disembarking at the wharf, located on Bradleys Head Road, can enter the zoo via cable car or connect with local bus services and the wharf is safe for children and wheelchair-accessible.


Whilst the major attraction here is obviously the zoo itself, there are other reasons to be dropped off at the Taronga Zoo Wharf. Bradleys Head is a stretch of land with a genuine heritage that is a wonderful walk with real character and some exceptional scenery.

Situated at the tip of Bradleys Head, the Amphitheatre is a gorgeous location for watching the sunset over the harbour, and the walk up to it is gentle, but beautiful. On the other side of the wharf, meanwhile, you’ll find Little Sirius Point and Whiting Beach, which is a small beach perfect for quiet tanning that is rarely frequented by tourists, most of whom are not even aware of it.

The Taronga Zoo is one of the most popular and famous zoos in the country and has been operating for over 100 years, so has built itself something of a reputation as a heritage institution. The 28-hectare space houses 350 separate species and over 4,000 animals.

The name of the zoo comes from the Aboriginal word meaning beautiful view and it’s easy to see why, as the zoo is not only one of the most fully-featured and eclectic of its kind in the world, but boasts some truly exceptional views of the Sydney Harbour.

The zoo features chimpanzees (19 currently in residence), elephants (including the first elephant ever to be born in Australia), gorillas, bears, big cats and even marine life, as well as native animals such as the undeniably adorable platypus.

Restaurants & Bars

There are a number of restaurants to choose from within the zoo. The Taronga Food Market is the main central food court and serves the usual burgers and sandwiches that you’d expect at a reasonable price. For a lighter snack, there’s also the Taronga Piazza, which serves homemade pizza and deli food.

Finally, for a more special meal during your visit to the zoo, The View lives up to its name with a stunning view of the Harbour. The food is gourmet pub grub, served with a distinctive flair. Other options in the area are few and far between but located just off the shore, The Island is a floating beach club only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

The first and only of its kind, the island is a very exclusive cocktail bar, fusing elite, 5-star service with the atmosphere of a European beach club. The backdrop is unbeatable and the island itself is a tiny slice of paradise, with a private water taxi to ferry guests to and from the island. Tickets need to be pre-purchased online, however, and spaces fill up fast so you might want to consider booking quite far in advance if it’s something you think you might enjoy.