Sydney harbour is a paradise for boating. It boasts a wealth of natural and artificial beauty on all sides, thanks to the stunning cityscape and the picturesque parks dotted around its edges. The waters are warm and inviting all-year round which is why this part of the world makes a fantastic location in which to celebrate a special occasion.

In the company of a select few people (or perhaps a larger crowd), you’ll be able to work, rest, or play. Boats have a considerable advantage over land-based venues, in that they come with a built-in protective moat that’ll protect the privacy of you and your guests.

If you’re looking to host a corporate function or a business meeting, and you’re flying people in from across the world in order to do so, then you’ll need a setting that’s fittingly extravagant.  That’s exactly the sort of setting that the harbour’s small army of high-quality yachts can provide.  The largest of them measure more than a hundred feet from bow to stern, and come equipped with air-conditioning, PA-systems, licenced bars and highly-skilled catering staff that’ll provide you with a high-quality dining experience out on the water.

The same virtues are sure to come in handy for other important occasions.  If you’re looking to mark a big date, like a significant birthday or a wedding reception, then why not hire a venue that can tour the harbour and beyond?  There could be few more spectacular backdrops to a party than the Sydney opera house – particularly at dusk, when it’s illuminated.  

Of course, marking a special occasion needn’t mean throwing a huge party – if you’ve got a birthday coming up, then a fishing trip into some of the best deep-sea-angling territories on the planet might provide just the tranquillity you’re in search of.  Being so close to deep waters, the harbour is packed with suitably-equipped boats – each of them crewed by experienced fishers who’ll know just where to take you.

With all of this said, there’s no real reason to wait for an excuse to charter a boat in Sydney harbour; the experience is often so remarkable that the exercise justifies itself!  When you take a leisurely cruise out onto some of the most beautiful, clear waters that the planet has to offer, you’ll create memories that’ll last a lifetime – so why wait for a special occasion?

Naturally, the boats you’ll find available for charter vary considerably in size, shape and purpose – if you’re unsure which best matches your budget and requirements, then be sure to get in touch with us.  We’ll be able to point you towards a boat that’ll fit with any occasion.