A luxury yacht is an astonishing piece of engineering – and just the thing to impress colleagues, staff and prospective business partners. If you’ve got a product launch or a conference on the horizon, then why not do something different, and conduct it from atop the glittering blue waters of the Pacific?

If you’ve yet to experience a yacht of this sort, you might wonder why it might be preferable to a hotel or other land-based venue.  The truth is that modern superyachts can capably compete with more traditional venues in terms of features – and even the smaller ones provide a level of luxury that’s sure to leave your guests gratified.

For one thing, a chartered boat will provide you with the seclusion and security your corporate event will need; after you’ve left the dock, you’ll have a sizeable body of water between your guests and any would-be intruders.

You’ll also be able to experience some of the finest culinary talent that the city has to offer.  All but the smallest yachts come with sufficient space for on-board catering, which is included in the price of charter.  What’s more, many come equipped with onboard licenced bars – so you’ll be able to toast that newly-launched product in style, soak up the glorious Sydney sunshine on the deck, before retiring into an air-conditioned lounge.

Naturally, if you’re going to be spending a significant span of time out on the water, then you’ll want you and your guests to be wined and dined. Sydney is a world-leader when it comes to fine dining and bar culture, and you’ll be able to bring the best that the city has to offer onto the water with you.  With the price of charter often extending to catering and a licenced onboard bar, you and your workforce will be able to celebrate in way that simply can’t be matched on dry land.

The harbour also makes a fantastic location for team-building exercises.  There’s so much to be done inside and outside the water – from jet-skiing to laser clay-shooting, and dozens of others in between.  Even if you’d prefer to avoid such exotic distractions, your workforce is certain to bond in a setting as secluded and awe-inspiring as the one provided by a cruise of this sort.

If you’d like to perform a video presentation while aboard, then you’ll find a plethora of suitably-equipped boats docked in the harbour.  You’ll find many of them offer wireless internet connectivity: and so, while venturing out into the pacific will provide you with the seclusion you need to make big decisions, it needn’t mean that you’re cut off from the larger business world.  Finally, each of the boats you’ll find here comes with a crystal-clear onboard sound system, and often a public-address system.  Simply hook up a suitable mobile device and you’ll be able to play any music you like – or you can bring along your own DJ.  If you require these facilities for your corporate event, then be sure to get in touch with us – we’ll be able to recommend a suitable vessel.