Whether you’re a keen fisherman looking to explore new waters or simply someone who wants to take a break with friends and try something new, then why not try one of our fishing cruises around Sydney Harbour? Our skippered boat charters means you have an experienced crew with a wealth of knowledge about the best fishing locations.

Sydney has long been associated with high-quality fishing.  The harbour and the surrounding area teems with fish of all shapes and sizes.  The smallest of them congregate in shallower waters; but take a boat out onto a reef and you’ll find bream, perch and snappers hidden amongst the depths.  If you’re after the seriously big fish, on the other hand, then you’ll want to venture out a little further.  

Part of the reason that Sydney is such a draw to fisherman (and women) of all levels of experience is that it’s within a short boat ride of those deeper waters.  Add to that the wealth of fishing technology and experience in the harbour, and you’ve got a recipe for a fishing paradise.

For the price of your charter, you’ll get a boat and an experienced crew who’ll be able to take you to where the fishing opportunities will be best.  Depending on the weather and the time of year, your experience may be different – and that’s where your guide is invaluable.  Few know the waters better than the guides who operate from Sydney harbour, and their expertise will help you to get the best from your expedition, whenever it might be.  

A fishing cruise with your mates is the only way to go

The boats you’ll be able to charter will have been built primarily with fishing in mind.  But it’s also worth considering the other features that’ll make your experience more comfortable.  There are on-board speaker systems, into which you’ll be able to plug your phone, laptop or tablet via a standard 3.5mm aux cable.  On larger vessels, you might even find wireless internet – through which you’ll be able to broadcast your latest catch live over social media, and play your favourite tunes directly from your streaming-service-of-choice.

Once you’ve snagged a catch or two, you’ll want to celebrate your success (or, if your efforts prove fruitless, commiserate your disappointment).  There are myriad catering options to be found aboard the fishing vessels of Sydney harbour; pick a charter which offers onboard catering and a built-in bar for the ultimate in luxury.  Alternatively, you might charter a smaller craft and bring your own food and drink.  Many of them will come with a built-in barbeque – and what better way could there be to spend a sunny afternoon than floating along the pacific, grilling the catch you’ve just made?

If you’re unsure of which fishing charter will best match your needs and budget, then be sure to get in touch – we’ll be able to provide a recommendation that’ll provide an unforgettable experience.  All that you need to do then is turn up and catch some fish!

seven star boat sydney harbour

Seven Star

Capacity: 80
Price Per Hour: $2250
galaxy boat sydney harbour


Capacity: 47
Price Per Hour: $950


Capacity: 35
Price Per Hour: $1050
prometheus boat sydney harbour
Capacity: 36
Price Per Hour: $1100