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Private Harbour Cruise Sydney

So, If you are planning a trip to Australia this year, you can't miss out on sightseeing in Sydney. Most people want to escape city life and enjoy Australia for its wildlife. Although, you won't regret adding the Sydney harbour to your itinerary.

Sydney Harbour is one of the natural harbours to exist in the world. Apart from being rich in beautiful views, the harbour also features some great sightseeing attractions that include the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can hire a private harbour cruise in Sydney to visit and view these locations.

private harbour cruise

What a Private Harbour Cruise in Sydney Entails

If we can't convince you to take a tour of the Sydney harbour, then perhaps the following facts will make the idea more interesting:

  • The Sydney harbour experiences almost 15 million trips by ferry each year
  • It is an excellent place for those who like to fish. In the summer of 2008, recreational fishermen were able to catch about 74,000 tonnes of fish. Although there are some restrictions. You should not eat any fish that was caught on the west side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the intake of fish from the east side should be limited to 150 grams per week. Is the reason for the presence of a high amount of dioxins in the harbour's fish
  • Just the harbour alone is home to more than 20 swimmable beaches
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge is not the only bridge to cross the harbour. It is also crossed by the Gladesville, Silverwater, and Ryde bridges
  • The harbour is initially a drowned river estuary made of sandstone dating back to 29 million years ago. Some 17,000 years ago, the sea level rose, and the harbour was formed due to the flooding of the river

Facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge

So, of the four bridges crossing the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the most well-known. It was opened in 1932, and a cost of sixpence was to be paid to cross it by car.

Here are some more interesting facts about this particular bridge over the beautiful harbour:

  • It is the largest bridge in the world to be made out of steel arches
  • The steel used to build the bridge collectively weighs 52,800 tonnes
  • This steel is only 21 per cent sourced from Australia itself, and the rest 79 per cent came from England
  • The initial three coats applied to the bridge required 272,000 litres of paint
  • The bridge took the hard work of 1,400 men to be built over a time of 8 years
  • The harbour initially incurred a cost of $4.2 million to be built
  • 16 lives were lost during its construction
  • The top arch of the bridge can rise and fall almost 180mm as a result of changes in the temperature
  • Today, it costs around $3.30 to cross the bridge, and you are not allowed to take horses over it

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