Sydney Boat Hire All You Need To Know.....

A Sydney boat hire is a must for anyone who is visiting the city. So, even if you are an Australian its written into your DNA to experience it. This is where getting the experts pays off. Local knowledge is the king when you have a short amount of time to get the most out of your trip. Our job is to provide as much information and advise about boats plus what to do in the city.

Fully customisable boat charter packages

Whether you’re looking to mark an exceptional event, or you’d like to recharge away from the office for a while, then a chartered Sydney boat hire trip out on the famous harbour is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. With dazzling blue water lapping against the hull, and fantastic scenery on display wherever you cast a glance, there could be few more great settings for a break. The Harbour provides an excellent location from which to take in the city’s most iconic landmarks – from the opera house to the spectacular bridge, to the lush parkland that’s sprinkled beside the water.

So, with so many boats to choose from, you’ll be able to tailor your experience to match any occasion. We have vessels of various sizes to accommodate different amounts of guests. Our boats also come complete with a crew, so if there’s someplace you’d like to visit in particular, whether that’s for sightseeing, fishing or something else, you’ll have their expert knowledge to make your trip amazing. They can also pick you up and drop you off at a list of locations around the Harbour.

No hassle boat charter options in Sydney

So, we are always adding new vessels to our library regularly. They come in all different shapes and sizes which means we can handle various events. Our job is to find you the ideal match or your requirements. These can range from price, capacity, availability, menu, alcohol, and entertainment. Also, there are also season factors to take into consideration.

So, Sydney boat hire prices are different at certain times of the year. So, this is especially the case when it comes to January and February for apparent reasons. Because this is the busiest time for boat owners, and the demand is high. We always advise our clients to book well in advance. So, for example with a corporate event, everyone wants the last Thursday of December between midday and 4 pm.

Embark is here to assist you in every way

So, ultimately our job at Embark is to match the best vessel to the needs of the customer. We can tell instantly from the information on the inquiry/quote form what those are. It just comes with experience and knowledge of the industry.  Also, attention to details is a significant element when planning a great cruise. The littlest thing can be the difference maker. We are always more than happy to try and find a different addon or service that’s not advertised.

Explore our Sydney Boat Hire choices above for more detailed information. So, you will find some have exquisite catering options so you can dine, first class, while out on the water, some boats have BBQ options, and some facilitate bringing your food and drink. Our boats also have excellent features including licensed bars, WIFI and music compatibility. So, if you’re interested in seeing the delights of Sydney up close like you’ve never seen before, get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange your cruise.

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