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MV Salute is a gorgeous looking boat which looks like something out of a James Bond film. Its beautiful lines and curves make it a pleasure to behold.

This boat with is 12 capacity is perfect for private charters of any kind. Plus an obvious?option would be a bride and groom would love very at home on MV Salute.

So, sitting out on the back of the boat on a sunny summers day its the place to be. With its original?wooden floors all over the vessel, it gives you a feeling of being on an expensive cruise.

Choose MV Salute for a 2-hour blast across Sydney Harbour

With a very smart and modern interior its complements the stunning exterior perfectly.

Sightseeing in luxury around the harbour with 12 people is a very cost-effective way of seeing Sydney in all its beauty.? So, this is one of the best ways to utilise MV Salute to get the most out of your cruise.

Also, we can arrange whale watching for up to 6 people. So, this has to be one of the ultimate experiences?you can have when visiting?Australia.

So, with BYO options available?MV Salute is designed for you to bring your food and drink. They can supply you with all the utensils you will need to make all of this nice and simple.

There is also a cafe menu on board for those of you who are after a quick bite to eat.? If you are looking for full-on catering this can be arranged in advance.

The perfect shuttle option for you and your group

So as you?have seen and read there is nothing been left to chance on MV Salute. Give Embark Boat Hire a call today to get on board.

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