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Party Boat Hire in Sydney Is the Ultimate Location to Have Fun

If you are thinking of hosting a party or if there is an upcoming special occasion why not contact a party boat hire in Sydney company and celebrate this occasion in style on a private party cruise. Our Party Boat Hire services are especially famous across the whole of Australia. People come here to arrange cruises for celebrating occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new product launches, and more.

If you choose Sydney Harbour as your location, it will give you a lot of options. The sea here is beautiful, and the exceptional quality of boats and cruises will only add to the occasion. You can get not just the full view of the harbour bridge and the iconic opera house. But you will also be able to dance, sing, relax, and raise a special toast to the special occasion.

Celebrate with your friends on a party boat hire in Sydney

So, at Embark, you will find an array of exceptional boat charters available throughout the year to accommodate a varying amount of guests. You will get the best when it comes to food, drinks, entertainment. Other first-class facilities to help you make the most of your special occasion. So, our boats are always in-demand as we are popular around Sydney. So, celebrations like birthday, bucks and hens parties. Plus business parties, wedding receptions, formal school after-parties, and any other type of special occasion.

One of the primary considerations people make when looking for a party boat is the entertainment facilities. All of our party boats come equipped with a sound system, an on board Wi-Fi connection, and a lot more other facilities.

On some of our boats, you can also get the option of bringing along a DJ to help kick-start the party. Music is just one of the components of a fantastic party. If you want to make it genuinely grand, you will need to keep everyone happy while they are on the water. We help you do that by providing you with an endless supply of top-notch food items and drinks to keep your pals cheered up all day long.

Embark is a high-quality party boat charter service

On our cruises, you will be able to accommodate a lot more people if you chose to go for the standing-room-only arrangement. Even though the traditional table arrangement is possible, most people only go for it with they have chosen a larger vessel.

Of course, the vast majority of the parties require a steady stream of alcohol. Most of our cruises have built-in bars so that you can have access to the best drinks and cocktails. So you don?t have to worry about mixing them by yourself. However, if you prefer a cosier party, you can get a smaller boat and bring your food and drinks with you.

Whatever may be the occasion, going for a party boat charter will provide everything needed to celebrate the occasion in style. With so many different options to choose from, you might be unsure about which one you prefer. So you get in touch with us as we will find the perfect cruise to suit your requirements. We want our customers to have fantastic parties and be thrilled with our services.

Celebrate your parties and benefit from our world-class services

So, if you choose our services, we will provide you with only the highest quality of benefits and features. We aim to give our best to the customers so that our services never dissatisfy them. Hiring our services for your parties will benefit you as we will provide you:

Food and drinks

So, depending on the size of your group, the boats, can accommodate a varying amount of people. All of our cruises and yachts come with access to various food and drink options. While the majority of them come with on board bars meaning you will always have a steady supply of alcohol.

Some of our boats also allow you to bring your drinks and foods. You are also given a kitchen and barbecue facilities whereas some of our larger luxurious boats provide you with access to some of the most in-demand caterers in Sydney. You can pick and choose from the selection of menus when you are browsing our boats. Also, if you have any dietary requirements or any special requests, we will arrange them on your behalf.


Most of our party boats will come with music compatibility so that you can enjoy your play lists. We also make arrangements for DJs or bands to perform at your party. With decades of experience behind us, we know how to entertain our audience. We give them a fun party to remember. We have ties with several partners in the entertainment industry. So we will be able to quickly arrange activities like poker, laser shooting, and more for your party.

First-class Facilities

Our luxurious vessels come with a wide variety of features and first-class facilities that you and your guests can enjoy. The facilities that we provide include Wi-Fi, sound systems, TVs, bar, casual, relaxing area, and a lot more. Our boats have everything you might need to give your guests the best party of their lives.

Seaduction Great Boat Hire Sydney Choice

Exquisite Night-life

We also offer many different pick-ups and drop points around Sydney Harbour. Also, you might not want your party to finish on our boat. You might want to continue at some of Sydney?s exciting venues.

For such occasions, we will drop you off at the liveliest hotspots around Sydney Harbour. Our team has extensive knowledge of Sydney and the best places to visit, so if you want any recommendations.