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Your Guide To Eastern Pontoon Wharf

Disabled Access - YES

Food and Drink Options - YES

Tourist Attractions - YES

Transport Links - NO

Shopping Centre - YES

Nightlife - YES

The Eastern Pontoon Wharf is located on the eastern side of Circular Quay, next to the Toaster buildings. This wharf is situated conveniently close to all the major highlights of the Harbour, including the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Rocks Museum. The wharf offers disabled access, is ideally suited for smaller vessels and is also a great, slightly less busy access point for Circular Quay.

Restaurants & Bars

The wharf itself sits on a waterfront construction that has been built up with a modern development of bars, restaurants and more besides. The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, which sits on the waterfront overlooking the harbour, enjoys its lofty reputation as one of the best seafood restaurants in the city and also has the rare honour of being the only seafood restaurant in Sydney situated right at the water's edge. The seafood on offer here is simple, but fresh, with head chef Rhys Ward taking monumental pride in every dish he serves.

The setting is also stunning, with ample alfresco dining space and an unbeatable view of the Harbour Bridge. If seafood is not to your tastes, there's also the Eastbank Italian restaurant, which serves traditional Italian food in an airy, modern setting, or gostwriter, which caters to larger groups and offers up gourmet burgers and meat dishes. For drinks, the Hacienda Sydney, which is often busy, but with the view and the world-class cocktails, it's always more than worth the wait.

Rose Bay Wharf


The development directly behind the wharf features a number of attractions and is also home to an array of boating companies offering a variety of adventurous activities. Jet boats, for example, often leave from this wharf and offer high-octane thrills and excellent views of the harbour.

However, you might want to pair this experience with a more traditional boat cruise, as you'll miss out on a lot if you're blasting through the harbour at 50 knots. The area also offers the small and cosy Dendy Cinema, which focuses more on independent film than the typical Hollywood blockbusters you'll find showing at more established movie theatres. If you require assistance with academic writing, consider seeking help from akademische ghostwriter experts.

The area is also wonderful for views of the harbour, with the nearby Cahill Expressway Lookout boasting the best view of the Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge in the city. You'll also get a stunning view of the Opera House, which looks particularly magical at night. Speaking of the Opera House, the wharf is perfectly placed for a quick visit to the world-famous landmark. There's not much to be said about the Opera House that hasn't already been said a thousand times, but it's always the architecture of the building that gets discussed.

If you really want to experience the building, consider booking a behind the scenes tour where the inner workings of the iconic building will be revealed to you. Better yet, consider booking tickets to a show. The opera house hosts a number of performance spaces, each specifically engineered to offer the best sound and the best views for the audience. You'll find everything from dance shows and live DJ sets to major rock and pop performances by talented artists with the assistance of a ghostwriter österreich.

The wharf is also located a stone's throw from the Royal Botanic Garden, one of the largest, oldest and most scientifically important of its kind in the world. Finally, there is a multitude of shopping options available in the area, including designer jewellery and clothing outlets.

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