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Choose a Superb Sydney Boat For Your Special Event

Embark Will You Find The Right Sydney Boats

A Sydney Boat in the Harbour is an experience you should not miss out if you are on a trip down under. Even if you are an Australian with a bucket list, a boat cruise is part of your DNA. Sydney harbour is the ideal spot that you visit and experience at least once.

Also, local knowledge is necessary, especially if you have a minimal amount of time. You will want to get the most out of your exciting trip. So, please get in touch with experts who can provide as much advice about Sydney boats and other activities that you can do in the city.

There is so much to explore and view, and it gives a completely different look on the city. We are experts in the area and know how to get the most from your trip. Our job is to provide as much information and advice, so you have the best possible cruises.

It can be very confronting when trying to organise a blue-chip event like a Harbour cruise. Especially when you have never done it before or you are the one that’s been delegated to by the group. With our very simple practises it will make your life much easier and guarantee a superb cruise.
Enjoy The Most Incredible Harbour On The Planet

Also, with blue water and fantastic scenery on display wherever you look, the harbour is the perfect setting for a boat ride, from the iconic Sydney Opera House to the right across the city.

So here at Embark, we pride ourselves on having the best customer experience of all the companies that hire boats in Sydney harbour. Part of our service is our unique knowledge of matching the best motor yacht charters to the needs of the customers.

Also, we give a great deal of attention to even the tiniest of details. So, this is crucial to planning a successful cruise across this brilliant city. If you have any custom requirements, just let us know.
Our customer service team will be glad to make all the arrangements, so you love every second while out on the water.

What Are The Prices Of Boats in Sydney?

he prices of a Sydney boat will vary depending on the time of year. In January and February in Sydney is extremely popular, meaning we are incredibly busy. During these months we encourage you to book well in advance so you can hire the boat you need.

Also, our prices are competitive so you can be sure you are getting the greatest possible hire for an amazing price. For any custom requirements, we can provide a personalised price suited to you.

Once you’re ready to book, we will then pull out all the stops to ensure you get everything else prepared for the trip. From food and drink to entertainment, we can cater to your every need for you and your guests.

Boat Activities

So, Sydney is the perfect place to try new things, rediscover past loves or do the things you have always dreamed of doing. No matter if you’re a local or a tourist, hiring a boat in Sydney Harbour is an absolute must as an event.

So start enjoying cruising and explore some of the hidden beaches. Because our crew know all the ins and outs, they can take you to the most secluded of all, giving you the taste of what it would be like to have your private island.

Also, there are plenty of water sports to try, such as snorkelling. Like the beaches, there are tonnes of stunning, private locations just waiting for you to discover. No matter if you’re a pro or you’ve never done it, there are is an area for everyone to roam to their heart’s content.

Whether if it’s just for you and your partner, a group of friends or corporate meetings and activities, a private Super yacht charter on the Harbour is the hallmark of luxury.
Call Embark now and begin your own unique Sydney harbour luxury boat hire experience!

Explore All Our Sublime Boat Cruise Options

So, please explore all our Sydney boats for more detailed information. You will find some have excellent catering options so you can dine, first-class in Australia, while out on the water. Some boats have BBQ options, and some facilitate bringing your food and drink.

So it might be something like enjoying catamaran boat hire for Christmas events for your staff or just sailing around trying to wind down after a busy year at work.

Also, some of our boats have fantastic features, including WIFI and music compatibility. If you have a destination in mind, our crew can take you wherever you need to go. On the other hand, if you want to get on the water and enjoy the peace, we will be glad to get the cruise for you.

Maybe you’re interested in seeing the delights of Sydney up close as you’ve never seen before. So please get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange your cruise. Remember, this is what we do every day of the week.

To arrange a boat hire on Sydney Harbour now and begin your adventure. Call Ebony on 0426 617400 today and let her assist you with your dream cruise.

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