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1- Being a single parent can take its toll, it gets hectic for me to manage everything on my own. I started getting frustrated. Seeing me going insane, my friend recommended me to go for a cruise with my children. I visited the website of Embark Boat Hire and booked Prometheus. I had the best day of my life with my kids.

I was astonished by their exceptional service. All the members of the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. The interior of the cruise ship was beautiful and comfortable. The boat was fully air-conditioned, there was a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and many other amenities.

The food was amazingly delicious. The best thing I liked about them was that I didn’t have any trouble throughout the trip. Everything was well-planned and organized. I was able to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.
I will recommend everyone to go on a cruise with Embark Boat Hire.

- Sarah Davis

2- I wanted to have a home of my own and it was only possible if I work hard. I worked extra time, put in my best effort to make sure quality was maintained. Though I was praised for my extraordinary performance by my superiors, I was not getting enough rest. It stressed me out and I was having a hard time focusing on my work.

It was then, my friends took me on a cruise to help me relax and have a little fun. We went on a cruise in Seven Star. This boat was fantastic, from interior to facilities. The best thing I liked about this cruiser was that we were allowed to bring our own food and alcohol. There was a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, and luscious BBQ.

The view it provided was mesmerizing and breathtaking. I felt was taken to another realm. It was an unforgettable trip that I will cherish forever. Highly recommended!
-  Jensen Cooper

3- Nowadays, everyone is busy and hardly have any time to relax. The perfect way to spend quality time with your family and loved ones is by going on a cruise. I was planning a surprise family trip when I came across the Embark Boat Hire. After searching for a while, I decided to book Sunseeker.

We all were pleased to see an appealing and luxury cruiser. This boat was air-conditioned and had a swimming pool. There were many activities for enjoying our time on board. There was a licensed bar and catering option, still, we were allowed to bring our own food and drinks.

The sights it provided were awe-inspiring. We all had a great time on the boat and after a long time, we all were able to spend time together. The members of the staff, Danny, Ebony, Cherie, and Cassie. They were welcoming, helpful, and friendly.
I will advise everyone to go on a cruise and create cool memories.
-  Mariana Price

4- I always wanted to have a wedding on a cruise. For me, there was nothing more beautiful and pleasant than saying the magical words on the blue water. I was unable to find a luxurious and glamorous yacht for the wedding.

My friend recommended me to visit Embark Boat Hire. They offered a wide range of boats, the best among them was Galaxy. I wanted to have a private wedding, so this boat was perfect for accommodating my guests. The staff was very welcoming and helpful. They made sure that the best day of life was according to our plan.

The staff had many activities for keeping the guests entertained. The food was delicious, and the boat was air conditioned. Other amenities include a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and it even had a licensed bar. It was the perfect wedding.
I will suggest those who want to have a wedding or any other party, choose Embark Boat Hire.
-  Jade Cox

5- For the annual corporate lunch of our company, we wanted to do something different time. One of our managers suggested that we all should go on a cruise.

This is was the perfect way to spend a fun and amazing time with everyone. When searching on the internet for a cruise, we came across the Embark Boat Hire. This is a wonderful company offering a broad range of cruises. Aussie Magic was an ideal luxury yacht for accommodating 125 to 135 people.

Everything was perfect, from service to the interior. Their crew was welcoming and friendly, the staff members Cassie, Ebony, Cherie, and Danny ensured we had a great time. The whole trip was organized and well-planned. The trip was smooth and hassle-free. The services they offered were outstanding and the food was luscious. We all had the best annual lunch.
I will recommend this boat to everyone who wants to have corporate events.
-  Nick Barnes

6- Being a bridesmaid is surely fun, but it comes with a huge responsibility of making sure everything is perfect and runs smoothly. This also means you will have to throw the best hens party. I wanted to make her last day as a bachelorette the best day of her life.

I had many ideas and choosing one was challenging. When I discussed it with my mom, she told me to book a boat and take her on a cruise. Embark Boat Hire provides the best cruises in Sydney. I booked a Platinum boat for the party.

She was so happy and excited to see that we were going on a cruise. It was the best party ever. The crew member arranged everything exceptionally well. We were not bored for even a minute. There were so many things to do and so less time.
I would advise everyone to book Platinum yacht.
-  Fiona Miller

7- We all are busy in our lives that we don’t have time to spend with our family and loved ones. To help everyone relax and spend quality time with loved ones, going on a cruise or whale watching is perfect. I wanted to spend a great weekend with my family and wanted to do something new and different. I was asking for suggestions from friends.

One of my colleagues told me about MV Salute boat by Embark Boat Hire. This boat is perfect for enjoying with your loved ones. There is a swimming pool, catering option, and iPod connectivity to play your own music. The best thing about the boat was you can bring your own food and drinks.

We went whale watching and it was an amazing experience. Watching the giant mammal under the water left us mesmerized. We will cherish this moment for the rest of our lives.
Highly recommended!
-  Peter Bennett

8- I was planning our anniversary surprise for my wife. It has been ages since we went out with our families. So, I decided this is the best time to spend the most important day of our lives with everyone. I was looking for cruises when I found Embark Boat Hire. After searching thoroughly, I booked Morpheus and I was glad that I did.

My wife not only loved the surprise, but she was amazed to see a beautiful boat. Everything was perfect, from their service to décor, and from interior to facilities offered. The crew members were very cooperative and nice. They made sure everything went according to the plan.

The boat was huge, and it accommodated our guests easily. The food was extraordinarily yummilicious. It even had iPod connectivity, so you can play your favorite songs. All the members, Cherie, Cassie, Ebony, and Danny kept everyone entertained and feel like we were on in a 5-star hotel.
-  Bryce Moore

9- Every manager understands the importance of united team. This is why I wanted to take my team on a cruise for team building activities. My friend told me about Embark Boat Hire and this amazing cruise they offer. The Seaduced is a sports yacht providing excellent team building activities.

The boat was fabulous and comfortable, the crew members were friendly and helpful. They organized everything and ensured everything went smoothly. What made this boat special was the bring your own food and drink. It even has a licensed bar and catering option available.

There was a swimming pool as well. They arranged the activities that increased unity among the team members. The boat was perfect for a small gathering. Moreover, the environment was serene, tranquil, and relaxing that will help all the member unwind.

I will recommend everyone to book this boat for team building activities.
-  Hannah Hughes

10- We decided to throw an excellent bachelor party and make the last day of our friend the most memorable day. I was confused about where to throw the party. My brother recommended contacting Embark Boat Hire. The Inception is a power cruiser that is perfect for a small gathering.

The interior of the boat is classy, comfortable, and compact. A wonderful thing about the boat is that you can bring your own food and alcohol. There is a swimming pool onboard as well. The food offered on board is delicious, you can even choose BBQ option as well. You can connect iPod and play the music of your own choice. this is perfect for having a relaxing day, away from all the troubles.

If you want to throw an amazing bachelor party for the groom, book Inception.
-  Tony Wilson

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