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Imagine a Breathtaking Corporate Cruise on Sydney Harbour

A corporate cruise Sydney Harbour provides a perfect location for a range of events. Aside from the stunning sights, you will have access to first-class facilities. Plus an array of team-building exercises and a high degree of privacy and security. So the perfect setting for boosting your brand.

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Maybe your business has recently developed a new product or service. What better way could there be to celebrate a job well done. Choose a product launch on a corporate boat hire in Sydney out on the water. Plus, launching a new product or brand deserves a centre stage. So what better way than to capture people’s attention than with a unique and captivating setting for your launch party.

The boats of a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise can cater for conferences, too. If you’re looking to conduct a presentation, you’ll find that many of the yachts come with suitable lounges and dining areas. They can comfortably accommodate projectors and video presentations. Our boats provide wireless internet connectivity which all your attendees are guaranteed to be grateful for sure. 

Indulge your staff with corporate cruises on the Harbour in Sydney

Our boats are often used for functions also. Your prospective clients will experience some of the best scenery, music and cuisine that this cultural capital has to offer. With excellent dining facilities and excellent caterers, our boats are the perfect choice for hosting parties. The boats also have unique and easy to use entertainment facilities, you can either listen to your music onboard or arrange for a DJ/band to perform at the function. 

A Sydney boat hire also makes a fantastic place to engage in a team-building exercise, and we provide a variety of different ones that’ll match with any size charter. Laser clay-shooting and jet-boating across the Pacific are activities that you’ll struggle to match on dry land. They’re just two of the events you’ll have access.

Party Boat Hire

Whatever you are looking for, get in touch with Embark. We will be able to arrange the perfect setting for an event. So we know your businesses come in a range of shapes, sizes. So too do the boats anchored in the Harbour. If you’re unsure of which will best match the needs of your business, then be sure to let us know. We’ll be able to point you in the direction of a vessel that’ll match with your needs.

Also, Sydney provides a fantastic setting for any kind of corporate treat for your staff. Once you’re out on the water, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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